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**Press Release: Enigmatic Single Unveiling – “When We Took Our Time”**

*For Immediate Enchantment*

Dear music connoisseurs and curious souls,

Prepare to be entranced by the enigmatic allure of BJöRN’s latest creation, “When We Took Our Time.” This bewitching single beckons you to embark on an otherworldly musical journey.

“When We Took Our Time” transcends ordinary melodies, weaving a haunting call to cherish fleeting moments and find joy in life’s mysteries. Amidst the shadows of the pandemic, Bjørn Jeppesen delved deep into the enigmatic tapestry of existence, reflecting on liberation, kinship, and unity to heal a fragmented world.

This ethereal opus reflects Bjørn Jeppesen’s soulful pilgrimage, enigmatic and spellbinding. Within eight enigmatic songs, a poignant narrative of a 50-year odyssey unfolds, woven with triumph, hope, and the essence of life. Bjørn’s entrancing vocals and guitar lead a celestial ensemble, conjuring mesmerizing harmonies and enchanting melodies.

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Embrace the enigma, support the Danish music realm.

With enigmatic regards,
Bjørn Jeppesen (BJöRN)
Mystical Music Distributor: DiGiDi