ORGANIC, Opinionated songs made out of love to life itself

From Scandinavia, during the transition from youth to maturity, BJöRN has evolved from a rebel opinionated, traversing mainstream passion to reach a state of musical curiosity and experimentation. 

Their compositions are brewed slowly, like a fine beverage. Drawing inspiration from everyday life and the quest to navigate love, pain, and all the facets of existence, their melodies and soundscapes gently caress the listener’s soul.

Our hope is that, as a listener, you will enjoy both the vibrant and mellower songs, serving as reminders of the magnitude of life and our limitless capabilities. We can journey through life, embracing its fullest potential with love, faith, and trust.




In the beginning

… ’till now – There is nothing but music

We’ve only just got started, but has already an extensive catalog of songs we love, that just can listen in to:

  • When We Took Our Time – Feeling overwhelmed when realizing your full potential? And again what it has to meet it?
    This is about some people from childhood that had a balanced approach to living a life, and finding the right shelf. Times are tough at all time, but you make a decision at every crossroads you meet. It is never too late to change the direction. But do we dare?  
  • Chasing Bright Stars – Having and raising children is a blessing, but it comes with a limited timeframe for most parents. When our kids begin to flourish, it marks a delicate transition, and for some, it can be challenging to let go and have faith in their ability to navigate life independently, with minimal or no safety net from us. Nevertheless, they will find their way, shaping their lives according to their own timelines and unique paths. It is a both scary and truly beautiful feeling to be a part of.
  • Extraordinary – Tired of being stuck in the hamster wheel? How to break free from those chains, when obligations, pandemics, traffic jams and more take up almost 100% of the capacity when you are awake? Pulling the plug, doing something different and joyful with Your companion might save a couple of lives. 
  • Day In, Day Out – Life can be tough. For some, it’s even harder. The inherent quirkiness that doesn’t readily fit into the modern world, where rules, procedures, and punctuality erode creativity and alternative approaches to challenges and problem-solving. Here, a very close friend, at a mature age, has been diagnosed with ADHD, embraced it, and is seeking solid ground in a world that can often be cynical.